From 12 May 2019, Lotus Bedding Group launched the website as one unified portal to register the warranty for all mattress brands under Lotus Bedding Group: Lotus, Omazz, Dunlopillo, Midas, Eastman House, Bedgear, LalaBed.

In this document, we will cover 3 parts of the warranty registration process for your mattress:
  1. Buyer's information
  2. Product information
  3. Check your warranty process
I. Input your basic information.
Step 1. Go to
Step 2: Key in all the basic information as below.
  • Full name: Your full name stated on your National ID or your Passport.
  • Phone: Your contactable phone number (including the country code such as +66 ... )
  • Email: Your personal email
  • Birthday: Your birthday (Western year) - Format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Address: Your current address (including Condo name, street name, ward, etc.)
  • Country:  The country where you are living
Step 3: Key in all the basic information as below.
  • Product's Brand: Choose the brand of your purchased product.
  • Product's Type: Choose the type.
  • Name of model: Choose the name of the model by alphabet. If you cannot find the model in the list, please choose Other at the end of the list and input name of your model.
  • Size: Choose the size of the product. If your mattress is customised-size, please choose Customised Size at the end of the list and input your customised size.
  • Warranty Number: Please input your warranty number on the warranty card (come together with your mattress delivery). If you don't have a warranty number at the moment of filling the form, please use your invoice number. 
  • Date of purchase: Please choose when did you purchase your product (by Western year). Format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Purchase channel: Please choose where did you purchase your product in the list. If your purchase channel is not on the list, please choose Other channel at the end of the list and input your purchased channel.
  • Date of scheduled delivery: Please choose the delivery date for your product or the scheduled delivery for your product (by Western year). Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Step 4: Upload the proof of your purchase
  • Your proof of purchase can be either receipt of payment or online invoice, etc.
  • You can take as many images as you want and upload multiple files here. 
  • If you have any note for us, please add it in the section NOTE.
Step 5: Agree with terms & conditions
  • Click on the checkbox to agree with our terms and conditions for warranty
  • Click REGISTER to complete your registration
Once you completed your registration, you will receive our email confirmation containing your password. Please use your email and your password to login here to check your warranty. You can change the password later or reset the password if you forgot your password.

II. Input information of your purchased product

III. Check your warranty process
The image below is how it looks like from your account. You can see everything for the warranty claiming process of your mattress buy clicking on menu Your Warranty  In this screen Your Warranty, you will be able to see all your registered products. Click on VIEW to go to the detail. That's all :) Happy doing warranty!!!!
Thank you.